Wednesday, July 20, 2016

English 101 Collaborative Poems

English 101/ Poem  Section 102

Class Haiku

School is almost over
Man, my face hurts.
Playing on the beach,
One day you will see,
That all of this was
meant to be!

English 101/Poem Section 112


The night was a cold, rainy,
windy one in which there
was going to be a big terror.
I own not a notion, I escape and ape content.
I don't own emotion, I rent.
Knowing nothing, nothing doing, doing something,
knowing something of a paradox.
Emotion is gone, do not know who to follow
no one is around.
You feel love, you love love, for love
Everyone wants to be loved
Oblivious to all your surroundings
This is a weird poem
I second that
Emotions from within blossom outwards
Oh no what to write
This such a fright!
The class has come to an end.
I wonder if I've made a friend?
Poetry is not my deal
enough with this spiel.
And yet, by morning, we'll inherit the earth,
Our foot's in the door.
We all sit alone in this world.

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