Saturday, March 26, 2016

Fire by Josiah Stone

Dragon, by Josiah Stone, Composition Student and Artist

All I know is fire.
Hills blaze below from my temperament while blackening the sky with ash.
I am greater than every beast of the earth, wind, and sea.
No living thing can comprehend my terrible might.
The kingdoms of man are fragile to me; everything is breakable.
Their thieves meet the same fate as their holy men.
Their kings have knelt before me in surrender, and it did them no good.
Their apostles abandoned the ancient gods to worship me; they also burned.
I watch their empire implode within the scalding embrace of my fury.
Goats bleat; children wail.
Their strongest warriors, I grasp in my hand and squeeze until they are nothing.
Their most beautiful and noble women, I incinerate with a mere breath.
I am the embodiment of their destruction. I am the source of their undoing.
Yet amid my havoc, I find that throughout everything I remain dissatisfied.
There is a hunger in my heart that turns to starvation, and I cannot know why.
Perhaps it is the loneliness of my uncontestable power which blooms its petals of despair.
Mayhap anger can only fill my heart for a moment, but still my world remains the same.
All I know is fire, that calm and crackling catharsis of ruin.

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  1. Thank you for posting this! I was hoping there wouldn't be too much needing to edit.

    -Joey S.