Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Class Poem CM 220

Class Poem CM 220 Composition II
Dr. Ellen Tsagaris
Kaplan University
To Rebecca Wee


“April is the cruelest month . . . .”
With warm, then bitter wind.
April Fools!---is a day of laughter and joy.
April comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.
Mary had a little lamb, who had a lion.
If  April is as bad as March, I’ll sure be crying;
I’ll be crying if April rains all month.
I hope there are very nice days in April.
I’m very sad that Easter is in March and not April this year.
My little boy turns 18 in April so it is bittersweet for me.
It is better bittersweet than sweet-sorrow.
Life is full of sorrow but April Showers will wash it away.
Then, I wonder, what if April never comes?
April I just around the bend.
As April approaches we can only think about the rain showers
That are gong to bring the pretty flowers in the spring.
I look forward to the warm April days
And the beautiful flowers to come in May.
When May comes, so does Mother’s day,
So no matter what month is at hand, grab each
Day and hold it dear;
You never know what tomorrow’s sorrows are creeping near.
April is the month where things begin to get beautiful;
You start seeing green grass, leaves on tress, and, now,
Even flowers start to bloom.

Awake, April is here; there is no gloom!

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