Sunday, October 9, 2016

Why Writing is Relevant

Here is an October 2016 sample blog post from freshman rhetoric:

I am taking classes to get a degree in Business Management and writing will be very important for this field. I am currently a manager of a smaller business and I do type up a lot of documents. Some of these documents are professional in nature while another portion of them are very informal. Even if they are informal forms of writing they still need to be written properly so that the information is taken seriously. At my current job there really is not a lot of research that I have to do on any given topic. I am sure that if I go to a larger company where I will have to give presentations on topics and do some purchasing of equipment that I will have to do research. I feel that at every job you should be aware of what is expected of you from the beginning, you may not know all of the expectations but that is where a good relationship with your boss is good to have. You can also ask fellow co-workers what kinds of writing their jobs entail to kind of get a feel for what you may be doing.

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  1. Hello Dr. Tsagaris, just sending you a welcoming hello! :-) This blog seems very interesting.

  2. Hello Professor! Looking forward to this term and improving all my writing skills.