Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Class Poem 2005

Class Poem
CM 220 Composition II
Kaplan University
Fall 05

“Let there be peace on earth.”
With every action and word,
Let this peace begin with me.
In these times of turmoil
That is what this world needs
To make it through.
Get plenty of rest, before you take a test.
Don’t eat right before you go to sleep.
Treat people with respect or
You may sow what you reap.
With love and compassion we will make it.
But make sure it’s sincere;
Don’t try to fake it!
Always keep your head high and your spirit higher.
Never let anyone tell you your worth,
Or what you’re thinking.
Always think of the long haul
And not immediate gratitude.
Remember the One beside you.

And always cover your mouth when you belch.

Class Poem CM 220

Class Poem CM 220 Composition II
Dr. Ellen Tsagaris
Kaplan University
To Rebecca Wee


“April is the cruelest month . . . .”
With warm, then bitter wind.
April Fools!---is a day of laughter and joy.
April comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.
Mary had a little lamb, who had a lion.
If  April is as bad as March, I’ll sure be crying;
I’ll be crying if April rains all month.
I hope there are very nice days in April.
I’m very sad that Easter is in March and not April this year.
My little boy turns 18 in April so it is bittersweet for me.
It is better bittersweet than sweet-sorrow.
Life is full of sorrow but April Showers will wash it away.
Then, I wonder, what if April never comes?
April I just around the bend.
As April approaches we can only think about the rain showers
That are gong to bring the pretty flowers in the spring.
I look forward to the warm April days
And the beautiful flowers to come in May.
When May comes, so does Mother’s day,
So no matter what month is at hand, grab each
Day and hold it dear;
You never know what tomorrow’s sorrows are creeping near.
April is the month where things begin to get beautiful;
You start seeing green grass, leaves on tress, and, now,
Even flowers start to bloom.

Awake, April is here; there is no gloom!

English 101 Collaborative Poems

English 101/ Poem  Section 102

Class Haiku

School is almost over
Man, my face hurts.
Playing on the beach,
One day you will see,
That all of this was
meant to be!

English 101/Poem Section 112


The night was a cold, rainy,
windy one in which there
was going to be a big terror.
I own not a notion, I escape and ape content.
I don't own emotion, I rent.
Knowing nothing, nothing doing, doing something,
knowing something of a paradox.
Emotion is gone, do not know who to follow
no one is around.
You feel love, you love love, for love
Everyone wants to be loved
Oblivious to all your surroundings
This is a weird poem
I second that
Emotions from within blossom outwards
Oh no what to write
This such a fright!
The class has come to an end.
I wonder if I've made a friend?
Poetry is not my deal
enough with this spiel.
And yet, by morning, we'll inherit the earth,
Our foot's in the door.
We all sit alone in this world.

"It was a Dark and Stormy Night . . . "

CM 102 Collaborative Story
January 14, 2008

Part I:  Ellen Tsagaris’s Class:

Collaborative Story

In this exercise, all of you are going to begin a story. Directions:  I will write the first line, and then pass it to each person in the class.  Each one of you will write a few lines, and then pass it to the person next to you, until the entire class has had a chance to contribute.  Then, we will read what we have done.  Keep it polite, profanity free, and classroom acceptable, but have fun!

Line 1.   “It was a dark and stormy night! . . . . . . 

“It was a dark and stormy night.” And the moon was dark and shadowed.  The thunder woke me up, as it lit up the room.  The shadow of the tree scared me.  I scurried under the protective shield that is my comforter.  I tried so hard to control myself from running to the bathroom, leaving a trail behind me.  I nearly slipped on the puddle running from my legs.  I trembled at the thought of having to go downstairs to get a mop to clean up my accident.  But, since my brother was in the room beside me, I had to.  I knew he would wake up and never let me live it down, so I left it for him to step in.  I got back in bed and covered myself up and buried my body beneath the warm covers to wait out the storm till morning.

Comp I Class Poem 2002

Class Poem
CM 102 Composition I
Dr. Ellen
Winter Quarter 2002


"These are the times that try men's souls . . ."
These are the times that go by quickly.
We all just turn in our research papers and
See how it goes.
These are the times that we pay our tolls.
These are the times that we live timely.
These are the times to set new goals.
These are the times to plan for the future.
These are the times we remember the good times we had.
These grading times shiver us to the bone.
These are the times we won't be alone.
These are the times we make new friends.
These are the times we hope never end.
These are the times we eat and get fat,
Go to Spring Break for just one week.
Oh well.
These are the times to give your life to God.
These are the times when we must sit and reflect
About all the things that are to come.
These are the times to make your dreams come true.
If you believe in yourself you can achieve all the goals you want.

This is just one of those days when my mind is  blank!