Wednesday, July 20, 2016

"It was a Dark and Stormy Night . . . "

CM 102 Collaborative Story
January 14, 2008

Part I:  Ellen Tsagaris’s Class:

Collaborative Story

In this exercise, all of you are going to begin a story. Directions:  I will write the first line, and then pass it to each person in the class.  Each one of you will write a few lines, and then pass it to the person next to you, until the entire class has had a chance to contribute.  Then, we will read what we have done.  Keep it polite, profanity free, and classroom acceptable, but have fun!

Line 1.   “It was a dark and stormy night! . . . . . . 

“It was a dark and stormy night.” And the moon was dark and shadowed.  The thunder woke me up, as it lit up the room.  The shadow of the tree scared me.  I scurried under the protective shield that is my comforter.  I tried so hard to control myself from running to the bathroom, leaving a trail behind me.  I nearly slipped on the puddle running from my legs.  I trembled at the thought of having to go downstairs to get a mop to clean up my accident.  But, since my brother was in the room beside me, I had to.  I knew he would wake up and never let me live it down, so I left it for him to step in.  I got back in bed and covered myself up and buried my body beneath the warm covers to wait out the storm till morning.

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