Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Class Poem 2005

Class Poem
CM 220 Composition II
Kaplan University
Fall 05

“Let there be peace on earth.”
With every action and word,
Let this peace begin with me.
In these times of turmoil
That is what this world needs
To make it through.
Get plenty of rest, before you take a test.
Don’t eat right before you go to sleep.
Treat people with respect or
You may sow what you reap.
With love and compassion we will make it.
But make sure it’s sincere;
Don’t try to fake it!
Always keep your head high and your spirit higher.
Never let anyone tell you your worth,
Or what you’re thinking.
Always think of the long haul
And not immediate gratitude.
Remember the One beside you.

And always cover your mouth when you belch.

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