Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Will there be enough teachers for future generations? By: Destinee Howard

Will there be enough teachers for future generations?
By: Destinee Howard

The number of future teachers has reached an all-time low. While I was looking to see the popularity of the education field, I came across an article by Mary Ellen Flannery. In this article, she gave not only statistics on the popularity of teaching, but she gave possible solutions to fix the problem. You can access this article at http://neatoday.org/2016/03/15/future-teachers-at-all-time-low/.
            Teaching is something you must have a passion for, but one of the solutions Mary talked about was raising their pay and revamping the program to where they can work with teachers faster and get into the field quicker. Even though money shouldn’t be what you are focused on when you are picking your career, I feel that’s what most people do when they are deciding what degree they would like to receive. In the article, Number of Future Teachers at all time low, the author Mary Ellen Flannery states, “In a 2016 national survey of college freshman, the number of students who say they will major in education has reached its lowest point in 45 years. Just 4.2 percent intend to major in education—a typical first step to becoming a teacher—compared to 11 percent in 2000; 10 percent in 1990; and 11 percent in 1971, according to data gathered by the UCLA’s Cooperative Institutional Research Program.” (http://neatoday.org/2016/03/15/future-teachers-at-all-time-low/) Imagine what is going to happen when your children grow up. Are they going to have enough teachers?

            In conclusion, I feel that if they raised the pay for teachers that more students would consider majoring in education. The population is constantly growing, so we need more people to think about choosing to go into the education field. Education is the most important thing to life because without any education we wouldn’t be anything. Everyone must learn how to do various things. It all starts with the ones who choose to educate. The people who realize that education is important are going to be the ones that understand how much we are in a desired need for educators. 

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