Tuesday, January 24, 2017

What is Autism? By D. Cheatham

What is Autism? By D. Cheatham
                The audience for this article is anybody that is willing to learn about Autism. The purpose of the article is to connect people with Autism and information, tools, and resources to family, friend s or caregivers. A lot of people don’t understand Autism and really don’t even pay attention to people that have the disease. You must understand the disease to understand the person.
            Autism Speaks Autism Treatment Network has come up with a system design to help parents work with kids’ applied behavior analysts. This system not only helps children and teens, but it also helps adults. Behavior analysis is an approach to understand behavior and how the environment affects it. Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is used to bring about meaningful and positive change in behavior.  People with Autism have different phases that they go through during their lives. Autism mostly to affect boys. I have read that Autistic people are neater than a normal human beings. ABA benefits people with Autism because principles and techniques can foster basic skills such as looking listening and imitating, as well as complex skills such as reading, conversing, and understanding another person’s perspective. Autism speaks has funded and still funding research on developing and validating ABA techniques.

            As I was reading and learning about Autism, I also learned a lot. There were a lot of things that I had no idea about, and I have learned them today well doing this paper. Now when I come across people with Autism, I understand what they are going through, or even what their caregivers must deal with on a regular basis. I also can identify anybody that has the symptoms of the disease. I just advise anybody that before you laugh, joke, or talk about people with the disease; do you understand what that person is going through. The author identifies all the things that deal with autism and the traits.   

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