Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Companies Need to Keep Millennials by Kallie Esp

Companies Need to Keep Millennials
Lately companies have been looking down on Millennials. Companies need to learn to understand Millennials, and that they can be a great contribution to the company. I came across the article “To Understand Millennials, Think Lifecycle, Not Generation” and author Michael Winkleman makes some great points in the article that I can agree with. The article points out that young people don’t stay at one job long, and that younger generations are more tech savvy then older generations. You can find this article at http://chiefexecutive.net/to-understand-millennials-think-lifecycle-not-generation/
            As a Millennial I can completely agree with what Winkleman said about young workers being more prone to change jobs. I myself has change jobs on multiple occasions for many different reasons. Workplaces need to learn to adapt to keep young workers, and if they don’t do so,  they are missing out on some valuable resources that could someday greatly affect their companies. Millennials may not look the part that older generations want them to; yes, we tend to have crazy colored hair, multiple tattoos and big gauges in our ears, but that doesn’t define who we are as a worker. Companies need to look past how we look and realize that it is not hurting anyone and it doesn’t affect how well we work. Millennials may be a vital source to companies because we know more about new things then what older generations might.
            In this article Winkleman points out that workers of older generations are digital immigrants and workers of younger generations are digital natives. Millennials were born into technology so they have been around it their whole lives and they know how it works, while to the older generations technology has been a thing of learning for them. This fact may not affect work but it also helps point out that Millennials know more about what the world wants and what new trends there are and that can help a company flourish and adapt to today.
            If companies learn that Millennials could be a great attribute to them, we would not be leaping from job to job. Companies would learn to do everything it takes to keep us with them and help the company succeed and thrive in the world today.


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