Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Blog Post Unit 4 assignment by Adriana Smith CM 107 Comp I Fall 2016, "Being a Good Boss"

Blog Post Unit 4 assignment

            Being a good boss is really important in a business, but what defines a “good” boss? It’s different for everyone, and my definition of a good boss is someone who is understanding, explains things well, and is  kind. In the article, “What It Takes to Be a Great Boss” by Steve Tobak, it brings up some really good points on what a great boss should act like. The audience that Steve is sending this message to is anyone who is interested in becoming a boss or would like a better themselves as a boss.
            Steve Tobak explains in this article that it’s hard to be a “great” boss. They are not easy to come by and everyone has different mindsets on what a great boss is. Experience and Perspective and Alignment are some key points in this article. The way we learn to be good at our jobs and be good bosses is observing others and learning what works and doesn’t work in a business or a household, even. Perspective is looking at something and knowing you don’t know it all. It’s hard when you’re young (myself included) to think that you don’t need help or anymore knowledge, but everyday we are learning something knew. Last but not least, alignment is saying that you need to have a goal or a plan and have structure to get to that goal.
            Going back to alignment, you need to have a clear plan to share the people in the business. My family’s business has a “Monday Morning Meeting” , where my father sits down with everyone else in the company and explains what needs to be done, what needs to be worked on and how we can make this week the best week in the business.
            The issue of having a “bad” boss is something everyone comes by sometime or another in her life. Also, everyone serves as a boss sometimes. Whether as a mother, business owner, or just in charge of anyone, you should have knowledge on how to be the best. 
            All in all, a “great” boss description is an opinion and it’s not going to be everyone’s. What you can do is be the best person you can and work really hard for what you want. The importance of a good boss is super because it sets the mood for the rest of the company.


Tobak, Steve (2016, October 26.) What It Takes to Be a Great Boss https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/284153

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