Friday, October 13, 2017

Publishing Opportunity

Subject: Student Writing/Publishing Opportunity: The Dangling Modifier Newsletter is Accepting Submissions!
From: Karen-Elizabeth Moroski <>
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2017 10:24:54 -0400
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Hi, friends!

The Fall 2017 Issue of Penn State/NCTPW's Peer Tutoring Newsletter -- The
Dangling Modifier -- is now accepting submissions. Please encourage your
tutors to submit!

This year's theme was inspired by the upcoming MAWCA 2018 Conference themes
of identity, narrative and honoring intersectionality/voice in writing
center work.

*What is The Dangling Modifier?*
Why, I'm glad you asked! The DM is a peer tutoring newsletter by peer
tutors, for peer tutors. It's a fantastic opportunity for your
students/tutors (grad and undergrad alike) to get published and to be part
of a rich history of tutors writing about tutoring.

*How does it work?*
Explained more in full on The DM's website, peer tutor authors will submit
works via email. Selected writers will be contacted by our editorial staff
(comprised of PSU tutors) and our editorial staff will collaborate (through
Skype, Google Docs, email, etc.) with the writer to refine the final piece.
Then, we publish it to the web!

*If you're interested: *
In the Spring, we offer the possibility for The DM to be hosted by a guest
university. It's great experience for the tutors who work on the newsletter
-- if you're interested, let me know:

*And now... the CFP! (Also attached as a word document)*

*Issue Title: Keepers of Collaboration: Upholding Civil Discourse in
Writing Centers*

*What does collaboration mean to you? To your Writing Center? How do you
define “discourse” in a tutorial? There are times where tutees and
professors both might push against our approach to working with writers
rather than solely working on papers: How does collaboration engage
conversation and growth in ways that line-editing cannot?*

*Sometimes, that conversation and growth can be tough to navigate: as
writing tutors, we sometimes encounter hostile papers, hostile students –
maybe even moments our own beliefs, experiences or backgrounds are called
into question. But a spirit of radical openness runs through the current of
writing center work, and there are ways in which foundational parts of
tutoring pedagogy enable us to be good listeners, good community members
and good humans when we engage in challenging tutorials. The
Dangling Modifier wants to know about times when you’ve felt challenged to
grow during a tutorial, as well as times you needed to use your writing
tutoring skills to navigate a controversial difficult moment in the Writing

*Writing tutoring, civil discourse and collaboration all share the core
tenets of respect, listening, and engaging. What does it mean to be a
Keeper of Collaboration? How can writing tutors use these skills to
preserve and promote community in a tempestuous world?*

*We are also open to creative submissions of artwork, poetry, photography,
book reviews, etc. related to our Fall 2017 theme. If selected, these
submissions will not be listed as newsletter articles but will appear on
our website in our Entertainment Category. Writers can submit to both the
Entertainment and Article sections!*

*Submissions are due no later than November 15, 2017.Email submissions to <>*

*Click here for submission guidelines.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Filing Taxes Made Easy by DeeDee Nguyen, CM 107 September 2017

            Filing Taxes Made Easy
Public Domain

            Every January, when all the excitement of the Holiday season has come to a close, I would make a mental list of what I need to accomplish for the upcoming year.  Unfortunately, on every years list is the dreaded task of filing my tax return.  Although April 15th is still four months away, Id grimace knowing that it will creep up on me, faster than I would have liked.  For years, because of procrastination, Id go into panic mode the week taxes are due; Ive waited, yet once again, to do something that shouldve been done months ago. 

            Over the years, my tax returns got more complicated, as there were more items that I needed to report.  Waiting till the last minute is not an option anymore.  Many people I know opt to file for extensions every year.  The ripple effect of postponing the inevitable has to be a detriment to the mind and body.  Is there a better way?  Yes, we can be more organized!

            Because the whole tax process has become increasingly painful, Ive developed a few systematic techniques to make it quite bearable.  It has helped me to be more organized; Im hoping it can help you, too.

            At the beginning of the year, Id create an Excel spreadsheet which would contain all the information that is needed to file my tax return.  I would have a column for salary, amount of taxes paid (income and real estate), retirement contribution, health savings account (HSA) contribution, charitable contributions, bank account interests, investment dividends, medical expenses, work expenses, and school expenses.  Id fill in the information as I received it throughout the year.  I would also make individual labeled folders for all the above mentioned categories, in order to keep the receipts, bank statements, and salary stubs organized; this way, I could pull up the information quickly if needed.  The spreadsheet is extremely useful at the end of the year because, I can check for any discrepancies by looking at the numbers on the spreadsheet and comparing them to the numbers on the tax documents that would come in the mail every January.  Once Im assured that all the information is correct, I would give it to my accountant for use in filing my taxes. 

            By taking about ten minutes a month to file and work on the spreadsheet, I would save tons of time and stress later.  Presently, my tax returns are completed and mailed by the end of February.  I can breathe much easier knowing that I have a system in place which helps me to be diligent.  Its still so easy to procrastinate, as there are many other activities that I would prefer to partake in, but I keep reminding myself that if I can avoid doing it at the last minute, it is better for my soul.  I still have friends who choose to procrastinate on their taxes.  It would be on their mind all year long, and sometimes thats all they could talk about; in addition to that, they are grumpy, to say the least, when the deadline is about to approached.   My advice to them is this; implement a plan, any plan; or better yet, use mine to help you be more organized.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Blogging for Small Business by Kristy Escobar

            For this blog, I am going to be talking about how to open a business, but also, still have the pleasure of  what you are going to be doing with your business. Opening up a business can be really challenging. There is so much work that goes into it. You have to be very dedicated on keeping the business up. Opening a business comes with so much joy. All these are big key factors on opening and successfully have a good business.
            The amount of work and time that goes into finding a location can be a lot. You will need a lot of time to find a building that you can turn into your business. The location is key to where your business will be at. The way the business looks has a lot to say about you and your business. The amount of time will go into all the work that need done to the building. Along with find a location also comes with the expensive.
            The dedication is a big for when having a business this will help you either succeeded or fail. You have to be dedicated to your business. Dedication can be very difficult when first starting out. But having dedication will bring success to your business. I have the dedication on owning my own business. I am dedicating my time on becoming the best business owner I can be. Without dedication or passion, you will never be where you want to be in the business field.
            The joy that comes with owning your own business is the best feeling ever. You would be your own boss. You will have the pleasure of making up your own business hours. With owning your own business, you would be able to connect with your clients more and enjoy their time, without being rushed to finish them. In the end all the, hard work and the dedication and the joy that your business brings you will all pay off.
            What I have learned while writing this is that it will take time, but with dedication you will succeed at 

whatever life throws at you. Running a business will be some work for you. All the key points I talked about 

are some of the key factors on becoming a great business owner. You can follow your passion on what you 

want out of life. The focus was how to have a successful business with amount of time you put into your 

building, the dedication you have to have and the joy it will bring when you pass that hump of opening a 


Veterinarians Coping with Grief by Mariam Earley

To be a veterinarian, you have to acquire a sense of stubborn hope, so that in the dark years, you can recover and heal and still never give up. Before I became what I am destined to be, I had to learn about myself. My first and not last C.E.T. was based on the suicide rate in the veterinary field, which reveals at a scary 30%. Three vets have committed suicide in this year of 2017, and it lead to the C.E.T. and the lessons I learned about myself.  
            There is nothing more heart breaking when a pet dies; it effects the client and the veterinary team. I’ll never forget when our clinic cat died of cancer; every client that knew her came to the clinic to pay their respect and some of us still feel the loss of Tallulah, but that’s just one of the many challenges in the vet life. We have to deal with death, which is uncomfortable for most people, and you’ll never really here them talk about it.  Yet that’s not all that can get a vet to go crazy; one of the other things are the clients themselves. I have those clients that love their animals so much that they won’t let go even if they are in immense pain. Blackie, for example, was the sweetest dog on three feet and this dog suffered. He had bone cancer which took one of his legs and went into the other leg which we couldn’t take off. Every Saturday at 11:00am Blackie would come in for a new cast, we would decorate it with different gauze colors and cut out designs for him, but as the weeks turn to months and months turned to years Blackie’s leg got painful and swollen with hair loss. My doctor wanted euthanasia, but the owner was like ‘nope, just change the bandage and let us be on our way, oh and can we get some pain killers?’ It made every one of us mad and mournful; we loved Blackie,  but we didn’t want him to suffer. He couldn’t even walk; the owner practically carried him to and from the car- I’ve never seen that dog walk, and that was only the beginning.

            The stubborn hope is necessary for this field because we will go through grief and longings that may never be. I still grieve for many pets that I’ve seen go, and it is hard because grief can last for years before you start to heal. So my advice is if you want to pull through cry, talk, share, and know. Crying helps to get rid of toxins in the brain when you’ve gone through negative emotions. Talking helps to relieve stress and helps to get bonded to the team, which also goes to sharing the sad days, the busy days, the many stressful days to come. So then finally, know that you are not alone, you have a team that feels like you do when something tragic in that clinic happens and always have hope for the better.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Dr. E's Doll Museum Blog: Happy 4th of July!!

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Monday, May 29, 2017

Decoration Day

Decoration Day

I recited this poem at a Memorial Day school program in sixth grade, wearing a prairie dress my mother sewed for me. I don't remember the author, or one line of the poem, but here it is for all veterans, and for my grandfather's an everyone else in my family who served, and for my students in the military:

PD image of the Star Spangled Banner

My Grandpa’s old and kind of lame,

He doses in his chair,

And when the family goes some place,

He stays and doesn’t care.


He’d rather stay at home,

He says,

Than dress to go uptown,

And when he knows there’s

Company come,

He’s always lying down.


But once a year there’s quite a change on

Decoration Day.

Then Grandpa wears his uniform and

Hurries me away,


[To see a big Parade] . . . .


The shiny cars with great folks in,

The flower girls in white,

The bands that play the national airs,

With all their wind and might,


And the boys that wear OD

Come through,

And straight and tall,

The wind a blowing

Through his hair,

My Grandpa Stands Through it